Coil over fitment

Looking to upgrading my suspension on my 92 LX. Wanting to run coil overs, but worried rubbing the rim/tire on the front. I am running a 18x9 front wheel with a 24mm offset and 5.94 back spacing. I am running lowering springs now, but hate the ride. Anyone have anything similar to my set up and...

For Sale Custom Built Holset HX52/55

Ok guys. I hate to do this but I have to come up with some cash fast. I'm selling my NEW Custom Holset HX52/55 Hybrid Turbo. This unit was built by Kent Barnes. He has been in the industry for a long time and knows his stuff. I paid $1800 for this and it has never been on a car. The specs are in...

For Sale Trickflow,Dragon and Fore!

Selling a Trickflow Track Heat Intake Setup as a complete setup or will part out. Everything has been custom dipped by Grant Holland of Liquid Illusion. I will take $500 for the intake Dragon 75mm tb $150 Fore Fuel Rails $100 Trickflow 13/14 bolt Windsor valve covers $275 Or will sell...

For Sale 7 JE 2618 forged pistons, -26.5cc reverse dome

7 JE 2618 forged pistons, -26.5cc reverse dome, # 170850, .030 over. Came out of my R331ci stroker. Fits a 5.4 H beam rods .927 pin. Excellent condition. Checked by L & R Machine Shop in Anaheim, CA $250 shipped.

For Sale DM Speedcal

$100 shipped, includes PP fees. Worked perfect I’m just going stand alone. Image: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

WTB Struts and Shocks for '99 GT

Looking to buy some struts and shocks for my 1999. Bilsteins, Koni, etc. Let me know what you have with approximate miles and price. Local pick up near CT or shipped.

Intake gasket question....

Does anyone here know the best lower intake gasket to use to install a Trick Flow R intake to Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 170 heads?

Restoration Nearing Completion

Hi all So after going EFI and installing my new exhaust system, front disc brakes, and repairing and replacing my long list of items on my Betty, I decided to give her a full repaint. The respray she was given some years ago by the previous owner was cheaply done to the extent that there were a...

For Sale 306 Part Out

I'm selling my 306 to get into a 351c here are all the parts and prices. You can contact me via email: I'm in south FL XXX 306 Block $300 Stock turned crank w/ ARP bolts $50 DSS .030 over Domed Pistons (SOLD) stock rods w/ ARP bolts (SOLD)

306 Part Out

I'm selling my 306 to get into a 351c here are all the parts and prices. You can contact me via email: XXX 306 Block $300 Stock turned crank w/ ARP bolts $50 DSS .030 over Domed Pistons (SOLD) stock rods w/ ARP bolts (SOLD)

WTB 2v Trickflow Heads

Looking to buy a set of Trickflow heads for a 2v

For Sale Turbonetics Y2K thumper 80mm turbo

I have had this stuff setting around for years and decided not to build a turbo car. Turbo has dyno time only..blowoff and wastegate are new.. would like to trade for ysi kit or similar supercharger set-up or nice set of highports. Email me and I can send pics ...

Vortech V1 supercharger

Just wondering why the V1 is so desirable? With the V2 out there and the V3 self contained I would think technology has made improvements to these units. You can buy a new kit almost the same price as a V1 unit.. love to hear the input.

For Sale Eaton swap parts and more...

Separating engine parts from 03 cobra ...I have other listings for interior, body parts and such search them before asking for that stuff... parting car ...text 440-476-4114 for pics and fast response I will be busy from 3/18-3/22 and can’t ship but will work on shipping Friday that week, catching...

Conti Extreme Contact Sport Update

I got 44 20 min sessions out of these on a very rough track. Started loosing some grip when I wore all the way thru the tread cap. Great tire!

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