10.5 Gen Corolla - Clear Headlight Lens Covers

In the process of retrofitting a set of OEM headlights for my 2013 Corolla S with Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 projectors and a 35w 5000k H1 HID conversion kit from Kensun... I made the mistake of buying those "smoked" tinted headlights without doing my research (they cut down your light output...

New Camry XSE Owner (HELLO)

Hello, I and the happy (and perplexed) owner of a 2018 Camry XSE. I'm perplexed by all the technology infused in this car and kinda wish it would just talk to me instead of presenting a multitude of menus and options. I'll apologize in advance for the (likely) multiple questions I ask. ...

Thoughts on what happened?

2000 Camry, 56,000 miles. Brought the car in because I had a tiny bounce in the steering on certain roads. Brought the car in for balancing, guy pulled off all the tires and balanced them, I then drove off and a mile down the road I was fighting the previously straight steering wheel which was...

Corolla 2012 OEM radio's remote shuts down on CD/AUX mode

Hi everyone, I ran into a problem today on my audio install for my 2012 corolla. I installed a audio control LC7i and a Kenwood stereo amp and I used the remote wire from the OEM speaker because for some reason (probably me not installing it properly hehe) the LC7i's GTO function turns on with...

Replacing the a/c drier, manual is confusing

So the manual has a separate drier from the condenser (see attachment) But my car actually doesn't have that canister. Looks like it is integrated into the condenser (see 2nd attachment) But from the pic, there is no opening the top to drop the desiccant bag in. Is it possible that it opens...

2007 Hybrid Highlander 3rd row seat to swap for storage box and paneling

I have a 2007 Hybrid Highlander 3rd row seat that I would like to swap with a storage bin and paneling. Hit me up if anyone wants to do a swap.

Sticky ignition switch

You guys 3ver have trouble with the key going in? Its rare but i have that trouble once in a while. Way more often i have trouble with key not turning the switch and i have to jiggle and rattle the key, in the switch, for a few minutes before the switch will turn. The car only has 178k miles...

2012 TCH slow mileage decline

Hi, I have a 2012 TCH which I have had since new and have performed all scheduled maintenance. The issue is that the mileage has slowly but steadily declined since I first started driving it. We make the same trip to work every day - about an hour each way - 2/3 city 1/3 highway that we have always...

2003 Toyota Sienna lift gate Nightmare Help!

Hello, I've got a 2003 Toyota sienna, like many fellow sienna owners the rear lift gate latch broke. Ordered the new part, installed not hard at all the cable looks in great condition as well as the lower latch that secures the lift gate. So we change it out test it several times perfect no...

Maestro RR, Backup Cam, Auto-Dim Mirror install advice?

I've ordered a Pioneer AVH4200NEX that I'll be installing with the iDataLink Maestro RR box and TO1 harness. I was wondering if anyone here had done a similar install, specifically: where / how did you mount the Maestro box? I'm probably biting off more than I can chew, but I'm also adding a...

Paint film on front bumper emblem?

Has anyone applied clear protection film to the front bumper emblem of their Highlander? We just came home from a road trip and I noticed some small nicks in the Toyota emblem. If so, which product? Xpel, 3M, etc? Did you buy a roll of film and cut to fit? Would this be an easy project? Thanks in...

Corolla overhaul, what to do?

Hi everyone, new on the forum. I´m on my 2nd ´97 Corolla as I totaled the first last week. It served me well for 10 years and 318k km. A very good car with the renown oil burning problem since day 1 when I bought it, then it stood in 108k km. It didn´t bother me at all, my take on it was it...

2004 Corolla Brakes

Hi. Just picked up an 04 Corolla with 61k on it. Older gentleman didn’t drive her too much. Anyhow just got her home and the right front brake line blew near the nut on the solid peice is line. Best thoughts on how to proceed with repair. It is the front drivers side.

Tundra under 74" tall

I cannot pull into my garage with a Tundra that is over 74" are there any that are shorter? I keep finding all are 76.4" tall

Taco over 6,000# gross weight?

I am trying to find a Tacoma that has a gross manufacturers vehicle weight of 6,000 pounds or more - so I get a tax right of. Is this possible? So far I have not found one.

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